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The road to this new blog


Since I decided to shut down WordPress I was looking for a solution, how I could still run this blog and also be able to post new content. So I dived deeper to the topic. I already heard of Static Site Generators, of course. But never used one.

Someone recommended me to use 11ty, so I'm currently playing around with it a bit. It's pretty easy to use. I actually like that I can right my content in Markdown now.

Bring WordPress content to 11ty

My blog exists since 2011(!). While many of the posts aren't that good anymore, I still want to keep them. ^^ I'm glad, there are solutions to export WordPress content and convert it to Markdown, so I can use it on my 11ty site. wordpress-export-to-markdown worked pretty great for me.

Update 2022-09-01: Imported posts from Neue.St

I did run two separated blogs: LGK Blog and Neue.St. Since I decided to not WordPress anymore anywhere, I think it might be a good thing, to bring the posts of both blogs together for this new SSG blog.

With wordpress-export-to-markdown it was pretty easy, to convert Neue.St's posts to Markdown as well.

So all content is now combined in this blog.

Next steps

Some posts are in English and some are in German. I think it's would be a good idea, to separate them in some way...