colorganize is your new color picker web app

Colorganize is a small color picker web app for web designers and artists.

You can save all color codes you will need for a project.

You want to draw shin chan?
You want to draw shin chan?

For example you want to draw a fanart to Shin Chan. Or maybe more than one.

  1. In colorganize create a new color palette with the title “Shin Chan”.
  2. Select all important colors and insert them to the palette.
  3. Tada:
Our color palette
Our color palette

Now you can select each color and its code by just clicking on it. On the head you can switch which code format you prefer: Hexadecimal, hexadecimal with starting #, RGB or RGB with alpha.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy it.

Of course you can give me feedback. Just write a comment or contact me
(Email:, Twitter: @lgkonline).

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